Birding Peninsula Valdes

Birds and marine mammals of Northern Patagonia

4 days / 3 nights
Birding the worlds famous Valdes Peninsular and Punta Tombo.
Expect: 150-200 species, good accommodation, easy to moderate terrain, some long drives, mild to hot climate.
Wildlife checklist available.
Departures anytime from October to March.


Along the shores of Patagonia, the Valdes Peninsula is marked by its vibrant coastline, a stunning array of tall cliffs, rocky reefs and extensive beaches. Proclaimed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it is it is one of the most privileged reserves where one can observe numerous birds and marine mammals, including the mighty Southern Right Whale. We will visit the peninsula in two consecutive days, birding the sea coast and the barren steppes. A loop road will take us to several prominent coastal viewpoints, where the bird colonies are a highlight. Here, the Giant Petrels and even Orcas can be seen patrolling. Along the roads we will look for Burrowing Parrot, Patagonian Yellow-finch, Grey-bellied Shrike-tyrant and the endemic Rusty-backed Monjita. Valdes is also a great spot for mammals and we will probably bump into Maras, Guanacos, Gray Fox, and Armadillos.

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Southern Elephant Seal and Sea Lion rookeries are another attraction, and from May to November we can see the Southern Right Whales. An optional boat tour is ideal for those who want to experience a close approach.

On the next day we will visit the world’s largest Magellanic Penguin colony, with half a million birds and stunning scenery. Along the 128 km entrance road we will make several stops to look for some Patagonian specialties, such as Patagonian Canastero, Band-tailed Eremobius, Rusty-backed Monjita and White-throated Cacholote. Once in the colony we will also look for the endemic Chubut Steamer-Duck as well as Blackish Oystercatcher and Dolphin Gull,  typical of the rocky shores.

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Departure details

Upon Request
Trelew / Trelew
  • Day 1
    Arrive in Trelew - Drive to Peninsula Valdes
  • Day 2
    Full day excursion to the Valdes Peninsula
  • Day 3
    Drive to Trelew - Visit Punta Tombo penguin colony
  • Day 4
    Early birding near Trelew - Check out and transfer to the airport

  • (The sites described and itinerary can change slightly. Contact us for complete details, or for customizing this tour)