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Pelagic Birding trip in Argentina

Seabirding on the South Atlantic Ocean

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 Our pelagic trip in the Atlantic Ocean departs from the port of Mar del Plata city (Buenos Aires province), only about 4:30 hours drive south of the Argentine capital, or 2 hours from San Clemente del Tuyu. This latitude roughly matches that of subtropical convergence zone, at about 38 degrees south, an area of rich waters which attracts thousands of seabirds.


On this trip we navigate offshore to approximately 20 nautical miles, usually sighting the pelagic species shortly after leaving the harbour. Depending on the seasons, we can see species either from the Northern Hemisphere, the south Atlantic Ocean or the Antarctic circle. We regularly spot Black-browed and Yellow-nosed Albatrosses, but we have also found Southern Royal and Shy on a few occasions. White-chinned and Southern Giant Petrels are quite common, and usually we see Greater, Sooty and Manx`s Shearwaters. Wintertime brings Southern Fulmar and Cape Petrel, together with Wilson`s Storm-Petrel, also present in springtime. It is not uncommon to find Magellanic Penguins. Parasitic Jaeger and Chilean Skua are other common sights. In summer, we expect Long-tailed Jaeger and Cory`s Shearwater.


Some cetaceans are frequently seen, with Common Dolphin as the more expectable.

As most of our tours to the pampas stay in San Clemente del Tuyu, this pelagic trip can be added as an extension , but due to the sheer costs of hiring a boat, it is only available for groups.

Departure details

Upon Request
Mar del Plata - Mar del Plata
  • Day 1
    08:00 Departure from Mar del Plata harbor, returning at 16:00.

  • (The sites described and itinerary can change slightly. Contact us for complete details, or for customizing this tour)
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