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I just finished a private trip with Seriema this November. I must say I was nervous about traveling with all the COVID concerns and requirements for testing and such but Seriema made everything go like clockwork. The trip involved several flights and I was always met at the airport by either my guide or a Seriema representative. That was particularly helpful when I arrived back in Buenos Aires and had to be tested for COVID before my flight home. I was met and taken to the test site at the domestic airport. She translated for me and made the test experience almost a non event.

My guides, Diego Monteleone and Hector Slongo were excellent. Both knew the birds well and knew where to find them. I did extremely well on a tough list of targets for this trip. Both guides worked very hard to find as many targets as possible. We covered a lot of territory during my trip and always with safety. My accommodations always met my expectations.

I can highly recommend Seriema as a tour company. My questions and concerns were always quickly and completely addressed by the staff. As I memtioned above I did have some concerns about requirements around COVID but my worries were completely dealt with by Seriema.

Kent Lannert

"I've enjoyed immensely all my trips with Seriema Nature Tours. Birds are first, doubtless, but the extra ingredients of human warmth, good food and a unique sense of humour make a perfect combination for a well-rounded trip."

Josep del Hoyo
Lynx Edicions
Handbook of the Birds of the World

"I’ve had the good fortune to co-lead two long birding trips to Argentina over the past couple years. Despite numerous potential logistical difficulties, on both trips we had nothing but flawless execution. And the birds! Well, in a land of such ornithological riches, it’s not too hard to find most birds in Argentina. But one after another, one hard “target” species after another was found and, like as not, then seen very well indeed. The Seriema leaders even managed to show me a couple lifers – right down to the Austral Rail that several of the Seriema group were involved in finally relocating a few years back. Discussion of conservation issues, politics, and yes, even wine, made our trips even more enjoyable and informative. All in all, they were wonderful experiences, highly recommended."

Robert S. Ridgely
World Land Trust-US

With my filming commitments I never have the time for long birding trips, squeezing in a few days at the beginning or end of a shoot. In the short time I had around Iguazu Falls in January 2015, Seriema and there guide Juan, really delivered some Atlantic Rainforest specials, Black-Fronted Piping Guans, Scaled Antpitta, Bertonis Antbird, Red-ruffed Fruitcrow, Araucaria Tit-spinetails even Robust and Helmeted Woodpeckers. I,ll be back for the Solitary Tinamou though!

Nigel Marven
Host and Producer
Discovery Channel

"I had a FANTASTIC time in Argentina altogether! I loved it all. Birding in Costanera and Iguazu was wonderful, but everything else about Buenos Aires and Argentina was of huge interest and pleasure. Thank you to everyone at Seriema for the support you gave. It was truly brilliant and I am VERY keen to come again."

Nigel J. Collar
BirdLife International

"I've birded Argentina several times with Seriema Nature Tours. Every trip produced great birds, and Seriema's guides are exceptional and well-organized"

R. James Maceleer
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

“Seriema Nature Tours, so skillfully and charmingly led by Hernan and German not only took many of us out for excellent early morning bird watching, but also organized a wonderful set of post conference excursions which reminded many of the participants of why bird and biodiversity conservation is so important and worth all the hard work, and on which many new friendships were forged.”

Michael Rands
BirdLife International

Dear German,
We really appreciate your wonderful service while we were in Argentina. I found all the birds on my computer file, and we had 55 new life species.
We hope to see you again in the future.

President Jimmy Carter
United States of America

Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful tour for us! Everyone was really happy with the whole trip and we will now be proud marketing agents for Seriema in the U.S. and throughout the world! It was a delight to travel with Hernan and Juan and we look forward to seeing you again.... From my standpoint, which was shared by others, this [...Northwest Argentina...] was one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve ever taken since it combined great birding and scenery with some wonderful places to stay, some excellent meals and good food overall, plus some interesting cultural additions. Also, the weather was great throughout. It was a combination that was hard to beat!

Ben Olewine
BirdLife International

"Thank you for an excellent tour and the superb Hector who was great company. The tour is right up there amongst the best we have had and we will no doubt be looking for a return to Argentina with Seriema and Hector again soon."

Richard Gordon

"We returned safely from our trip to Patagonia at the weekend and wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time! Juan did an excellent job, the weather was great, the scenery wonderful and we saw our key target birds including the beautiful Hooded Grebes very well indeed. The El Chalten part worked extremely well and made for a very enjoyable part of the trip.
So we wanted to thank you for all your help - and patience! - in making the arrangements - thank you very much!"

Dave & Sue Williamson

In January 2008, Hadoram Shirihai and I needed to organise, at very short notice, a photography trip to northern Argentina. Thankfully, Seriema organised everything perfectly, for a glitch-free tour. Hector was not only an excellent guide but a good-fun companion too. We were pleased to not only see virtually every one of our target species, but also to photograph the vast majority, even such 'hard' species as Horned Coot and White-throated Antpitta. As birding guides ourselves, Hadoram and I have nothing but praise for the job Hector did. We look forward to organising another private photographic trip with Seriema.
First choice in Argentina!

Guy M. Kirwan
Hadoram Shirihai

Hi Hernan:
I want to thank all of you at Seriema Tours for truly wonderful trip full of fabulous birds, beautiful and unusual geological formations and superb wine and food. Special thanks to you and Juan who made sure that we saw all the birds and to German who took me on a day tour that was also memorable.

Steve Thal
American Bird Conservancy

"I went on a Seriema tour to get an overview of Argentine conservation biology and hoping to add 25-30 birds to my life list (having birded Argentina intensely before). I got my overview -- and 92 lifers to boot! Highlights included the Black-and-Chestnut Eagle, four species of tinamous (including Puna), Zimmer's tapaculo, and a glorious up-close look at a Magellanic Woodpecker. The wonderful Argentine scenery (Andes, glaciers, cactus forests, and so on) and food (and great Malbec wines) were a bonus. So were great conversations with our guides Juan and Hernan about Argentine ecology and politics. Juan, Hernan, and their colleagues went out of their way to make our trip the experience of a lifetime, educational and fun."

Paul R. Ehrlich
Stanford University
California - USA

"A memorable trip: great birds, great nature, unforgetable Malbec . Seriema NT provided spectacular firsthand experience with the birds of Argentina in a seamless and effortless fashion. We had world class leaders/birders who found even the "impossible" birds.......Bird and nature watching simply cannot get any better"

Tom Lovejoy
The H. John Heinz III Center for Science
Economics and The Environment
Washington, DC - USA

“For the past 10 years I have been organizing private bird watching trips with Robert Ridgely, today’s foremost authority on neotropical ornithology. On November 2007 we went to Central and Northwest Argentina. Seriema Tours designed with us a superb itinerary and handled all the logistics for our trip in Argentina. I can say without reservations, and Bob Ridgely agrees with me, that this was one our best planned and executed trips. Juan co-led the trip with Bob Ridgely, and was able to find and show to the group most of our most wanted birds, some quite rare. Throughout the planning and during the trip, Seriema personnel demonstrated the highest level of skill and professionalism which resulted in a superb trip that was most enjoyed by all participants. I strongly recommend Seriema Nature Tours to handle bird watching trips in Argentina.”

Maria D. Allen

With this mail I and my four Swedish co-travellers want to sincerely thank you and your tour leaders - Hector, Kini and Diego- for an absolutely magnificent birding tour to northern Argentina between November 3 and 22 this fall (2009).
All of the mentioned leaders are excellent birders and very easygoing and nice persons, Hector probably the best tour leader I have ever met. (and I have lead or taken part in over 40 tours around the world !). That guy has everything, not the least a very good feeling for people and the wishes of the group !

I will also comment on Hugo, one of the best and nicest drivers I have met. Always helpful, in a good mood and a very safe driver. The 15-seater Mercedes bus (for only 6 people !) was very comfortable and suitable for the purpose.

Moreover - the hotels were excellent and/or cozy and and very well choosed. And the Argentinian food and wine is among the best in the word - we had many memorable and delicious dinners. And - not the least - the price of the tour was modest !

We saw 531 species in just 20 days - world class !

Stig Holmstedt

Notre séjour au sud de la Patagonie s'est très bien passé grâce aux excellentes connaissances de Santiago pour cette magnifique région du monde que nous avons beaucoup appréciée . Santiago est plus qu'un très bon guide , il est aussi un excellent compagnon que nous aurons beaucoup de plaisir à rencontrer lors d'un futur voyage .
Merci à tous et très Joyeux Noël


"We had a fantastic trip through parts of Misiones and Corrientes in Argentina, seeing over 230 bird species in four memorable days, including birding by horseback and by boat. Guide and Naturalist Kini was absolutely superb – astute, deeply knowledgable and patient. Highly recommended!"

David P. Mindell
Professor, Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Curator of Birds, Museum of Zoology
University of Michigan

"Seriema Nature Tours were excellent to use, quick to respond on email and reliable and professional. They provided good advance material and also checklists for the different portions of the trip. I wished to tweak the itinerary they initially suggested and that was complied with to my full satisfaction. Diego was an excellent and keen guide and the pace was high, as I had wished. Without him, the list would have been much shorter."

Erik Hirschfeld
Rare Birds Yearbook

We would like to say thanks you to both of our amazing tour guides, German and Hernan for the time we spent together, and what will remain for many of us as the best time experienced till now.
German excellently solved our problems, when we arrived to Buenos Aires, he had answers to all our questions and made us feel safe. We thank him for his knowledge, patience and discovery of the real taste of mate tea.
Hernan adjusted himself to numerous and various of our interests and helped everyone to realize one's wishes. His unbelievable sense of humour in all the situations has made our impressions unforgettable.
Very many thanks to all employees of "Seriema Nature Tours" who provided comfort for us during the whole trip!
We definitely will use your services again and recommend to do this to all who want to get acquainted with birds and nature of Argentina.

Ilze Vilskerste
Latvian/ Finnish group

Dear Hernan, I have been wanting to write you to thank you and your company for such an extraordinary bird trip. I ended up with a trip list of 167 species including 98 life birds. You were the perfect gentleman and took great care of us. I enjoyed our conversations about Argentine culture and politics. It was especially meaningful to bird on your great- grandfather`s ranch and to see the church in Lavalle. Thanks for sharing who you are with Joanne and me. Hug this children!


Hi Santiago, thanks again for a great week last week. I had an awesome time getting to know you and your part of the world and hopefully I'll be able to come back again soon to see some more because, although we saw a ton of stuff, I bet there's lots more to see.

Gerry Donaldson
Species Population and Standards Management
Canadian Wildlife Service

I would like to compliment you on the arrangements for the tour of Northeast Argentina that you arranged for our 6-go-birding group (5th - 23th Sept 2008). The organisation of the tour, the hotels and the experts that you provided made this an experience to be remembered for many years. Our birding guides, Juan and Kini were excellent. Kini`s ears and eyes allowed us to see, closely in many instances, a large number of the bird species of the area. Our two drivers, Hugo and Claudio, could not have been more careful and considerate and, finally, the City Tour conducted by Angeles concluded the trip on a very high note. Her expertise and willingness to discuss any topic raised was much appreciated.
This was one of the best tours that 6-go-birding has been privileged to experience.

Richard Munns
for 6-go-birding

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic few days birding around Buenos Aires arranged and brilliantly guided at short notice. I'm sure to be back to Argentina and it will certainly be with Seriema.

Cheers and thanks again,

Rob Hutchinson
Birdtour Asia

I wanted to thank all at Seriema Nature Tours team for helping to make our visit so throughly enjoyable. All Seriema staff have been thoroughly professional and very friendly at all times which made it such a joy to do business with you. I am grateful for putting together my itinerary at short notice and when you were all under considerable pressure from the extra workload resulting from the BirdLife World Conference. Also thanks to your office staff for being helpful. The hard work and commitment shown by Martina and Diego really made the trip for us. Marcello is a character like no other and always gets his bird! I knew the moment I met Diego that we wouldn't be passing up a single moment in order to spend time in the field. Just the person I like to be in the field with. Diego's skills with the ipod and Tyrannulets are dazzling. Martina's passion for Patagonia is infectious and her enthusiasm for the outdoors was totally refreshing.
It would be difficult to pick out highlights but I think the great photo opportunities we had with Black-fronted Piping Guan, Tawny-browed Owl, Magellenic Woodpecker and White-bellied Seedsnipe all helped make the trip.

Jonathan Eames
Programme Manager
BirdLife International in Indochina

Once again, thank you and Seriema for a superb birding tour to southern Argentina. I have heard from all the participants, and they were all very happy with the tour, some are even calling it “the trip of a lifetime.”

Maria Allen & Bob Ridgely

Just wanted to thank all at Seriema Tours team for the great field trips over the BirdLIfe Conference period.

Simon Attwood

"Seriema Nature Tours arranged a very fine birding tour for the three of us from 22 November through 19 December 2006. We began in Ushuaia, where Marcelo was our guide, continued in southern Patagonia with Martina, and to Punta Tombo and the Valdez Peninsula with Hernan, and ending in the northwest (Tucuman to Calilegua National Park) with Hector. We highly recommend all of our guides, and especially Martina and Hector. We saw 394 species (and heard an additional 5) of 62 families of birds. We saw most species well. We have been on many birding tours, this was one of the best."

Helmut C. Mueller, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus of Biology and Ecology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nancy S. Mueller, PhD
Retired Professor of Biology, North Carolina Central University

Ronald R. Tasker, MD, O.C.
Professor Emeritus of Medicine, University of Toronto

"I just wanted to thank Hernan for giving us a real special days birding near Buenos Aires, he really tried hard for us and we had a great day."

Ray & Lyn

Hola Hernan!
We just want to thank you for arranging our wonderful Patagonia trip! We had a truly fantastic time and everything went extremely well! Martina really did a superb job for us there and she was so delightful. We had good luck with the Austral Rail at Estancia La Angostura and with the Hooded Grebes, seeing about 35-60. Wow!....what a beautiful bird! Also WOW on the wind....with steady winds that day at 80 KM/hour and gusts up to 100KM according to Martina.
It also was a pleasure to travel again with Juan and Marcelo was very helpful too. We got to see a Rufous-legged Owl with him which was great!
Again .....many thanks for the trip plus all the wonderful work you are all doing on the conservation of the Hooded Grebe!

Ben Olewine
BirdLife International

Thank you for proposing a good set of itineraries and high quality guides. The whole episode was most enjoyable.

I thought you might be interested in a short report on my 'numbers'. I had seen/heard 96 species (at Costanera and Otameni) before setting out; with 326 species on the NW/Calilegua/Cordoba trips and 368 on the longer NE trip. Overall, I saw/heard some 571 species (using the Seriema check-list as the basis but splitting Greater Pampa-Finch and Green-barred Woodpecker). Somewhat remarkably, only 18 of these species were heard-only, with 553 actually seen well enough to identify them myself. Of these, some 125 were life-birds for me, 116 of them very well seen, with only 9 earning the 'better view desired' tag; six of the new lifers had previously been 'heard only' species. In addition, I managed to remove 4 species from my 'better view desired' list. Of the remaining 424 species, 9 were seen for the first time in South America, 161 were added to my Argentina list, while 254 species were ones I had previously seen in Argentina.

It is difficult to pick out 'best' birds, but the elegance of the Black-legged Seriema takes a lot of beating! I particularly appreciated those species which cost the guides the most work to find - the Back-banded Woodcreeper in Calilegua, the Black-bodied Woodpecker in Cordoba and the White-bearded Antshrike in Misiones. Persistence really paid off, perhaps only possible with a small group. Other highlights were the incredibly close views of the Red-faced, Dusky-legged and Rusty-margined Guans, and of the Black-fronted Piping-Guan, as well as the Spot-winged Wood-Quail. The Crowned Eagle was really special, as were the great views of Yellow-breasted and Ash-throated Crakes and Spotted Rail. It was very nice to see my 'last' South American Plover - great views of the Tawny-throated Dotterel. Owls were a bit frustrating, with several species not calling/responding at all, but even here we managed to see Hoy's Screech-Owl and the long-desired Stygian Owl. Who could not be amazed by the Blond-crested Woodpecker? And 67 different species of ovenbird! But a special place has to be reserved for the excellent views we had of tapaculo-like birds: Crested and Sandy Gallitos, White-browed and Zimmer's Tapaculos and the Olive-crowned Crescentchest. I'll leave aside the huge numbers of tyrants we saw, although one must make mention of the Bearded Tachuri and the Southern Antpipit. I was, of course, pleased to see my 'last' dipper, though its behavior was very boring! Coming across the Chaco Pipit was an amazing piece of luck for us (but pure skill by Ignacio); ditto for the Rufous-bellied Saltator. Eventually finding the Saffron-cowled Blackbird and the Balck-and-white Monjita was just great. But perhaps the most stunning bird of all was the unbelievable Yellow Cardinal.
With best wishes,

Stephen Eccles

"I've had the very good fortune to be in the field with Hernan on many occasions in Argentina, in Corrientes, Salta, Tucuman, and Cordoba. Hernan's great good humor and wit is matched only by his extraordinary ability to identify all the birds by sound. Hernan also knows his plants and animals, and is eager to share his expertise with those around him. It's always a pleasure to be in the field with this gifted naturalist."

Peter Vickery
Center for Ecological Research
Maine - USA

"Our trip to the Northwest of Argentina was very successful. Superb high altitude birding in a breath-taking landscape. We had lots of special birds, including Citron-headed Yellow-Finch, Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe, Red-backed Sierra-Finch, Short-tailed Finch, Rufous-throated Dipper, Puna Ground-Tyrant, Moreno's Ground-Dove, Tucuman Mountain-Finch, Rufous-bellied Saltator, Zimmer's Tapaculo, and two species recently discovered in Argentina: Bolivian Earthcreeper and Bolivian Warbling-Finch."

Frank Lambert

Thank you Diego very much for us for the very enjoyable day's birding we had at Otamendi nature reserve. We saw many lovely birds that we would not have seen without his expertise. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our visit to Buenos Aires.

Rod and Jeanie Atkins

"As a birder with a very big South American list, whenever I go birding in South America these days, I tend to be looking for rare or local birds. I had a wonderful trip in West and northwest Argentina with Hector as guide. He was a marvellous guide and a pleasure to bird with. I can still remember vividly standing in the darkness just south of Tafi del Valle with a Chaco Owl perched only a few feet above ours heads. Hector found almost 96% of the birds I was looking for. I would recommend him to anyone birding west and northwest Argentina, and hope to use him again to clean up the last few remaining species in the area.
Highlights of the South included Chubut Steamer-Duck, great views of Austral Rail, Hooded Grebe and White-bellied Seedsnipe."

John Penhallurick

"After a cruise to Antarctica, Diego of Seriema Nature Tours was my birding guide for about 10 days in March 2008, in and around Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and the area around San Clemente, southeast of Buenos Aires. I really enjoyed my time with Diego, he was a really personable guy to travel with, and he helped me enjoy the trip so much more than I would otherwise have been able to do, as my Spanish is very limited. He was very familiar with all the birds by both sight and sound, and in many cases was able to call up skulkers that I would not have seen without the aid of calls.
We visited some beautiful parts of Argentina, although I realise it was only a very small part of a large and diverse country, and managed to see nearly 300 species in 10 days, including some really top things on my wants list, like Great Rhea, Spotted Tinamou, Toco Toucan, South American Painted Snipe and a whole range of woodpeckers, hummingbirds, waterfowl and others.
I would not hesitate to recommend Seriema Nature Tours to anyone considering a nature focussed trip to Argentina. Food and accommodation needs were all taken care of and were of a most acceptable standard, as well as being given a great opportunity to see a wide variety of Argentinian birds and animals."

Richard Johnstone

German showed us some great birds on March 20 and 21. We ended up with 20 lifers on the day and a half. For the entire trip, we saw and/or heard 298 species including 50 lifers for Laura and 49 for myself. So it was a very good cruise bird wise.
Thanks for everything

Wayne & Laura Wathen

"Seriema Nature Tours organized a perfect 8-day bird-focused trip for the two of us in Buenos Aires, Ibera Marshes, and Iguazu. We never had to worry about logistics, which were carried out flawlessly. Lodgings were all good quality, and food well-prepared, varied, and plentiful. Our guide, Diego, was highly personable, and we very much appreciated his bilingual ability as we are quite limited in Spanish. He knows all the English names of the birds, but more importantly, his skills in identifying birds by sound and quickly spotting them, affording us satisfying views, are outstanding. This was our first trip to Argentina (our 7th Latin American country), and even though we birded in a limited region, we picked up 222 species of which 115were lifers. Highlights include the Yellow Cardinal (endangered and near-endemic), Blond-crested woodpecker, Yellow-fronted Woodpecker, Ochre-collared Piculet, Streamer-tailed Tyrant in display, Jabiru, Swallow-tailed Manakin, Magpie Tanager, Green-headed Tanager, and in the Iguazu hummingbird garden the rare Swallow-tailed Hummingbird, to name just a few. Highlights on our itinerary include the boat rides in Ibera Lake (especially the sunset ride), where we got very close to a pair of Southern Screamers, and early morning birding on Road 101 in Iguazu. And one must not fail to mention the spectacular Iguazu Falls. Besides appreciating this natural wonder, we enjoyed the myriad butterflies which floated around us and often alighted on us. A bonus on our itinerary, because it was a cultural site, was a visit to the Jesuit Guarani Mission Ruins at San Ignacio, which gave us a glimpse into Argentina`s ancient and colonial history, led by an excellent bilingual Jesuit guide. All around, we had an unforgettable tour, and we highly recommend Seriema Nature tours."

Joe Giunta & Betsy McCully
New York

"This is a great trip. Hernan and Juan really know the vocalizations and the birds. Both are involved in ongoing research in vocalizations and will share their work with you. Roads are mostly good (but you can not help some washboard), food is good to excellent, and the hotels vary from adequate to luxurious. Most of the terrain is open and the birds are relatively easy to see. Everyone we met was very hospitable. "

Cathy Pasterczyk
NW Argentina

"400 birds in less that three marvellous weeks in Argentina was our reward for choosing Seriema Nature Tours. Great birding, scenery, accommodations, food, wine and most importantly, warm and knowledgeable guides who have become our friends. We reccommend them to anyone wanting a world class birding experience. "

Terry Root and Stephen Schneider
Stanford University

"We wanted to thank you again for such a great Argentina trip encompassing the northwest Andes, Santa Cruz province and the pampas north of Buenos Aires. Everything was planned and executed exceptionally well, and Juan proved to be a great guide, finding us virtually all of the target species we were hoping for and providing much fun along the way. We will enthusiastically recommend Seriema Tours to our birding acquaintances and friends. Thanks again."

Frank Bills & Sharon Bostick
Knoxville, Tn

"Just wanted to say to you that I had the most excellent trip to Cordoba with Hector. He is not only a very keen bird guide, he is also a very great person. Thank you very much for letting it happen."

Anders Bacher

I am writing on behalf of Latvian Ornithological Society (LOB) to thank your team for your fantastic work and cooperation with Aves Argentinas in organising the BirdLife World Conference in September. This was a truly unique event and you can be proud of how well-managed everything was.

Ilze Vilskerste
LOB - BirdLife Latvia

From 10/7/2006 to 12/7/2006 we had a superb three-days-trip with Kini to the Yungas between Salta and Jujuy, the prepuna around Humahuaca and the altiplano near Abra Pampa. This trip was excellently guided and organized by Igancio and Seriemtours. We watched about 180 species in this short time, even specialities like Red-faced Guan or Zimmer’s Tapaculo. Nearly all of our sought-after altiplano species could be found. The qualified way of Ignacios extraordinarily competent and friendly guiding was very pleasant for us. His superb knowledge of the bird calls was extremely helpful to find even the difficult species as well as his capacity to spot the birds surprisingly quickly. Accomodation and our meals were great as well, so all in all we had a wonderful trip with an unexpected richness of species in such a short time and with a very nice and likeable guide. To go birdwatching with Ignacio is highly recommendable. We are still enthusiasmed about our three days with him.

Jutta und Hans

Hi all,
Our trip was a fantastic success.
Two Jaguars really good views, Harpy Eagle, Spangled and Pompadour Cotinga and other major highlights
It just got better and better!

David, Irene and Robert Jackson

On behalf of all 6 of us, we would like to thank you for a wonderful 4 days in your country of Argentina.
You have guided so see beautiful birds, spectacular Iguazu and, on the way, thousands of butterflies.
We thank you for sharing your knowledge and for your patience with us.
Than you for everything.

Janet, John, Ray, Susan, Cheryl and Scott

To one and all,
I want to thank all of you who made my first birding trip such a wonderful experience during the last 2 weeks of August. It was better than I ever imagined! Everything was very well arranged and there was back-up if a snag was encountered. The guides, Eugenio, Hernán and Héctor were all extraordinary! Not only did they have expertise in finding and identifying birds, but communicating in English, keeping to a schedule, and dealing with food, accommodations and individual needs. The conversations during lunch and dinner were fascinating, offering insights into an Argentina I didn’t know. Your country is huge and spectacular. The northwest and northeast of Argentina which we visited are both visually breath-taking! I took many pictures. During to cold winters here in Connecticut I plan paint a couple of watercolors remembering the ochre cliffs, rushing waterfalls and huge vistas of Argentina.
Many, many thanks! I think you may have made a birder out of me!
All my best,

Maureen Rohmer

Thank you for organizing the tour to Ceibas.
I'm especially grateful for having Diego as a guide, who turned out to be a most knowledgeable and experienced person.
For me it was a great experience and I learned a lot.
It was fun to find out to have so many common interests such as habitat selection and biogeography.
I very much enjoyed staying with you!

Dr. Bernd Leisler
Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology

We went with Kini for three weeks in the north. We had a fine visit to Argentina and I passed my goal of reaching 4000 life birds with an Andean Flamingo at Miramar on New Year`s morning!

Barry Attridge

We had a wonderful trip with Juan....thank you so much for arranging it for us and for choosing Juan for our guide....it was a good match.

Janet Eder

"What a fabulous experience having Ezequiel as our butterfly guide on a recent trip to Argentina. Not only did he identify virtually ever specimen, he was excellent at locating obscure, perched individuals and making sure that each person in the group got to have a good look. A trip with EZ is a trip to remember!"

Richard Carter Lehman
Welasco- Texas

"I couldn`t have asked for a better tour of Northern Argentina! I was very ably guided by Hernan in Northwest Argentina, where Hernan`s familiarity with the birds and their habitats allowed us to find more rare-to-find species than I would have ever imagined---even Dinelli`s Doradito! Hernan, who is well known for his ability to find nocturnal species, managed to find Hoy`s Screech-Owl, Stygian Owl (scope views!), Buff-fronted Owl, and Rufous Nightjar, all in one night! With nocturnal vision far better than mine, Hernan also produced Chaco Owl at his new site, and Geoffrey`s Cat in the Cordoba area.
Juan was also excellent in Northeast Argentina, coaxing Speckle-breasted Antpitta into view, and chasing down rarities such as Mottled Piculet and Pearly-breasted Cuckoo. German and Hernan did an excellent job with logistics, and Seriema Tours provides an excellent all-round team that I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to seriously bird in southern South America!"

Joe Thompson
Los Angeles

We want to tell you that we are very happy with the result and wish to thank you for putting it together. We were delighted with the services of Santiago. His Birding skills, of course, need no comment since his reputation is well established, but we found him also to be a delightfully patient person with a great sense of humour. That he also was a prudent and careful driver only made the time spent in his company more agreeable.

In the area of Ushuaia, Marcelo took us around for a couple of days. Marcelo did his utmost to find the birds of that area for us and must be given full marks for effort

Pierre Poulin, Real Bisson and Arne Rasmussen,

We want to thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip for us in Buenos Aires, Colonia and Bariloche. The schedule was perfect and our gudies (Angeles, Julia and Roberto) were wonderful.

Beth Murdaugh and Jane Smith

"This trip gets a grade of A+. Very close to 100%. They arranged everything and did a superb job. Hire cars, drivers, local guides, accommodation, internal flights, food, and a few excursions by boat. We had no logistical problems at all. I think the trip cost was good value. You may use them with absolute confidence."

Jim Hackett